It is the only product on the market that provides its user’s individual data such as:

  • Name – for better contact with us / our kid when somebody granting help
  • Blood group – information for medical services
  • 2 telephone numbers – to be able to inform quickly about occurence (accident, finding lost people)
  • Important diseases – key for quicker identification of sickness
  • Allergy – to prevent a side effects
  • taken medicines – to inform medical services


  • increases and provides sense of security,
  • can save the life thanks to the important information included,
  • helps to find lost children,
  • could help to find people suffering from memory disorder like e.g alzheimer,
  • enable to inform family about our actual situation when danger to life or health occured,
  • helps in quicker identification of sickness,
  • protects from giving medicines which could cause allergy.

Expert recommendation

I’d like to recommend you the SOS rescue ring which is a sensational and innovative idea which provides significant information on health condition of the injured in difficult situations. During a rescue operation, medical staff which works in the Emergency Response Teams (ambulances – PHYSICIANS, PARAMEDICS OR NURSES/ MALE NURSES) has sometimes fragmentary information on the injured as a result of a description provided by witnesses of an accident. Thanks to the rescue ring, we can have knowledge about health condition of a person which is provided with medical rescue actions. A key fact is information about current diseases or allergies of the injured. Thanks to the ring and its distribution not only among ill persons, we have vulnerable data about the ill person at our disposal.

Marek Dąbrowski

A paramedic, Emergency Rescue and Medicine Unit

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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to order rings in different colours?

The rings are available only in black/yellow colours to maximize recognizability of the SOS rescue ring by emergency bodies as well as all persons which may provide help thanks to it.

What are dimensions of the rings?

The rings are available in three sizes:

  • S – size 15cm
  • L – size  17cm
  • XL – size  20cm
Can I update the data on the ring already made?

Each SOS rescue ring is made individually, according to the order, that’s why there is no possibility to “add” or “delete” any data on the ring which has been ordered and sent to a recipient.